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Ramadhan Programs 2017

Posted on: 19 May 2017

Our Ramadhaan Programs 2017

Following programs for the month of Ramadhan has been organised 

  1. Every day Bayan will be 30 minutes before Magrib, Tamil and English in alternative days

  2. Fundamentals of FIQH: 15 days intensive course will be conducted by Moulana Ali Ahmed Rashadhi in Tamil, after ASR For 3days per week. People will beenrolledandcertificate will be given at the end, for the participants of 80% attendance. 

  3. Weekdays After Zuhar: Tajweed Halqha for 15 minutes by Sheikh Ahmed Ezzat

  4. Ramadhan One Juzz Quran Memorisation Challange for Adults: ( Possibly Juzz Ammah ) will be after ASR for 3/4 days per week by Sheikh Ahmed Ezzat

  5. Every Saturdays after Zuhar: Differen topics by invited specialists

  6. Every Sundays after Zuhar: Importance of Quran by Moulana Ousman Ansari



Ramadhan Programs 2017

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