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5 Muharram, 1439
  • Masjid Al-Jannah:

    Masjid Al-Jannah:

    Masjid will be Open Daily From one Hour prior to Fajr Salah until One Hour After Fajr Salah. Also From 12.00 noon till one hour after Isha Salah

  • Sri Lankan Flood Appeal

    Sri Lankan Flood Appeal

    Please help this innocent victims of the nature! Nearly 200 death, hundreds missing, Half a Million people displaced, Thousands of homes distroyed!

  • Welcome: Blessed Month of Ramadhaan

    Welcome: Blessed Month of Ramadhaan

    · Ramadan: The Month of blessing · Ramadan: The Month of Quran · Ramadan: The Month of comforting other (sharing and caring) · Ramadan: The Month of forgiveness · Ramadan: The Month of Sabr (patience)

  • Tharaveeh Arrangements

    Tharaveeh Arrangements

    Tharaaveeh Salah will be starting just after the Isha Salah. Our Team of Huffas will be, Insha Allah 1. Shaykh Ahmed Ezzat ( From Egypt) 2. Hafiz Umar Munir Ahmed (From Saudia) 3. Moulana Ousman Annsary: Masjid Imaam 4. Shaykh Abdurrahman Ghuhad

  • Fund Raising for Grenfell Fire Victims

    Fund Raising for Grenfell Fire Victims

    Please Donate generously towards the Victim of this catastrophic fire! Lets share our compassion towards the fellow citizens of this great nation!

Welcome to Masjid Al-Jannah


Assalaamu Allaykkum W W

Eid Mubarack!

We are pleased to announce that, Insha Allah Eid ul-Fitr will be on 

Sunday 25 June 2017

We congratulate all Muslims and want to take this opportunity to ask Allah to accept your good deeds and wish everyone a blessed life with happiness, peace and prosperity



Masjid Al-Jannah


Salathul Eid

Sunday 25th June 2017

Insha Allah we will be conducting four Jammath, Special arrangements made for sisters for all four Salah

First:       Bayan starts at 7:00 am Salah is at 7.15 am

By Moulana Ousman Annsary

Bayan is in English

 Second:   Salah is at 8.30 am followed by Khuthbah

By Moulana Ali Ahmed Rashadhi from Sri Lanka

Bayan is in Tamil

 Third:      Salah is at 10.00 am followed by Khuthbah

By Shayk Umar Ahmed from Saudia

Bayan is in Urdu/English

 Fourth:   Salah is at 11.00 am followed by Khuthbah

By Shayk Ahmedh Ezzat From Egypt

Bayan is in Arabic

The Latest News

Lylathul Qadhr

Lylathul Qadhr

27th Night of Ramadhaan

This week Jummah

This week Jummah

26th of May 2017

Ramadhan Programs 2017

Ramadhan Programs ...

Our Ramadhaan Programs 2017

Weekly Thafseer Lessons By Shaykh Mumthaz Ul Haq

Weekly Thafseer ...

Every Saturdays after Maghrib Salah

Feeding Homeless: Every Fridays

Feeding Homeless: ...

The mission of the Holy Prophet (S) marks the ...

Ramadhaan Iffthaar Arrangements

Ramadhaan Iffthaar ...

Alhamdulillah, we have arranged Bayan, 30 minutes ...

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